Bug Bounty Hunt - Our Reward Program

What’s a bug bounty? Do I need to bring a lasso to capture these bugs?
A bug bounty program is a crowdsourcing initiative that rewards individuals for discovering and reporting site related bugs, technical issues. In other words it’s a chance for us to improve the site hand in hand!

These programs allow the developers to discover and resolve local or widespread site issues.
Bug bounty programs have been implemented by a large number of organizations, including Google, Mozilla, Facebook, etc.

Ps. Lasso, cowboy hat and a cold, mile-long stare are all optional.

What kind of bugs are we looking for?
Our goal is to maximize your user experience on our sites without any kind of issues and inconveniences. All site functions must be impeccable on desktop computers and mobile devices on all popular browsers. We do extensive testing on our site, however, as the number of configurations (device, browsers, adblockers, etc.) are practically endless, we can’t catch them all…that’s where the power of the community comes to the rescue!

The most significant functions and testing aspects - the key elements of proper site operation:
- the site must load fast! (fully loaded time, when all site elements finish loading)
- the site’s content should be aligned (...and hopefully arousing!) and it should not be disjointed or broken (no broken images, missing buttons, misaligned content, etc)
- high content quality (images, buttons, banners are crystal clear and not pixelated)
- functionalities (menu bar, buttons, video player controls are working properly)
- trouble-free video playing (streaming is smooth, quality selector is working properly with quick transition between qualities, in-game choices are displaying correctly, etc.)
- the purchase process should go easily and smoothly (purchase flow is trouble-free and processes quickly, you receive the selected credit package or subscription type and site access after the successful transaction)

How should you submit a bug report?
Your bug report must give a detailed description of the discovered issue and brief steps to reproduce it. Screen recording and screenshots should illustrate your bug report and detailed step-by step description to get there is also necessary if the bug is complicated to reproduce.

Please always include the following details about your test environment:

- device type (mobile, desktop, tablet, etc)

- operating system and version

- browser type and version

- AdBlocker (if you have enabled any) please include its version like Adblock, Ublock origin, etc

- the exact URL you've discovered the bug on

- the country you're visiting the site from or an IP address

- if you are experienced in programming open the web inspector tool of your browser, check the console and network tab and send us the lines containing an error or take a screenshot of these.

How are bug reports examined?
Your bug reports are examined by our security analysts and IT team within 10 days (this is a maximum period and our Customer Support Team will do everything they can to respond sooner to keep you updated about the status of your report)
In some cases we'll ask you for more technical details and to perform further tests.

We will give you bonus credits as a reward if you submit a valid and confirmed bug.
Our security analysts and IT team makes a bounty decision within 15 days after you submit your report (this is a maximum period).
The amount of the reward varies between 200 and 5000 credits depending on the severity of the indicated error. Our Customer Support Team will contact you to update you about the internal process and will also add the reward bonus credits to your account. 

Please be so kind to indicate in the ticket that you would like to participate in our Bug Bounty Hunt so our responsible team can handle your ticket with extra care.

Giddy up partner and good luck out there! Let’s catch some bugs together!

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