Surprise/Gift a Friend

Terms & Conditions - Gift your Friends


  1. To be eligible to participate in the Program you must be a registered Member of (and over the legal age of 18; in some jurisdictions over 21).
  2. Registered Members have the option to send gifts/surprises to friends within the frames of this program.
  3. The free credit offer is only available to new users of LifeSelector, existing members of LifeSelector are not eligible to receive free credits within the frame of this promotion.
  4. Once somebody is accepted in the program he/she will only receive the bonus credits if the account verification e-mail has been activated.
  5. Inviters who attempt to invite themselves will be excluded from the program and any fraudulent bonus credits will be deducted from their account. LifeSelector has the right to determine and reject such attempts and disqualify the user from the program.
  6. All natural persons applying for the program must use the invitational link via the e-mail they received by the inviter. All the invitations will be sent to the invitees via  '' , a subbrand of .
  7. The inviter is allowed to send the surprise/gift link to as many friends as he/she wishes however sending the email must meet the general conventions and meet local rules and regulations. Mass messaging, sending the invitation to strangers or using it for commercial purposes are against the law and will be treated accordingly, such actions may result in permanent cancellation of the Member account and the deactivation of the invitational link.
  8. Invitations are only valid for 90 days, unregistered e-mail addresses will be removed from our system once this period has expired.
  9. The total amount of bonus credits an inviter can acquire as an inviter per month is determined by the current Surprise/Gift a Friend Program description.
  10. If approved in the Surprise/Gift a Friend Program both parties - the invited person and the inviter - are entitled to the bonus credits determined by the actual program terms.
  11. Attempting to defraud LifeSelector is not allowed and LifeSelector retains the right to determine fraudulent activity and deduct any bonus credits earned by fraudulent or misleading activity.
  12. Terms and the structure of this program (e.g the amount of bonus credits distributed to an individual) are all subject to change, the current terms and conditions can be found in the terms. LifeSelector reserves the right to terminate this program at any time.
  13. LifeSelector reserves the right to notify an invited person that they have been invited by you and to inform them about the bonus credits.
  14. The usage of the bonus credits are limited to the service of our website ( and they can not be redeemed for cash or withdrawn via ATMs. However you can use them on all games (interactive shows) without time limitation unless the program is terminated by LifeSelector.
  15. Participants are allowed to use this promotion with other ones e.g any periodic campaigns or discounts on the site.
  16. LifeSelector can not be held liable in case of an unanticipated technical problem on our site preventing the user from receiving the bonus credits.
  17. By using the Surprise/Gift a friend program, you agree that you fully understand and agree to these terms and conditions governing the Surprise/Gift a Friend program.
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