Site is back online, currently with limited functionality

Our valued community,

After extensive downtime (for the first time in the 8 year history of the site), thanks to your encouraging support, the hard work of our teams and outside experts, we’re glad to report the site is back online. Please note that due to plenty of additional, ongoing technical work in the background, the site is currently available with limited functionality. Please read on to learn more about the details and get answers to your frequently asked questions.

Q: What happened?

A: In short, there was an emergency event at one of the data centers of our hosting provider. The technical emergency required all of our servers to be shut down abruptly which resulted in a series of hardware failures. These failures triggered a snowball effect of various technical challenges that take a long time to repair, in part due to the massive file sizes involved. If you want to learn more about the details check our Twitter account.

Q: What does limited functionality mean? What is affected?

A: Our first priority was to bring the site back online as soon as possible so that you can continue to enjoy the unique adventures and GF experiences you've come to know and love. In order to do this, we had to make the decision to limit or turn off certain features that are affected by the remaining technical issues still being worked on in the background.

The following features are affected and are either only partially available or unavailable at this time:

New registrations and credit purchases made between Sept 16, 2019 and October 8, 2019

 If you've joined the site during this period and purchased credits, please use the "Lost password" feature on the login page and create a new password. 

As for credit purchases and credits spent during this period, for a small number of our users the transaction data is still being processed in the background and should be finished soon. In the meantime, if you purchased credits during this period and you're missing your credit balance, please contact our support team so that they can manually look up the affected transactions in the database and add the missing credits to your account. We understand this is an inconvenience and apologize for this, we hope to have the missing data imported as soon as it is fully processed.

Password reminders

Availability UPDATE: The function should be working as intended again, if you encounter issues, please contact our support team and we will assist you.

Partially or fully unlocked shows

Availability: Shows unlocked between Sept 16, 2019 and October 8, 2019 will no longer be unlocked, however credits spent on these shows will be refunded to your credit balance so you may choose to re-unlock them again or spend those credits any other way you'd like. Please allow time while this data is being processed in the background.


Availability UPDATE: The complete show library is now accessible again.

Show posters and show details

Availability UPDATE: All show posters and show information except for the FastPass long description have been completed and are back to normal. 

"My Shows" feature

Availability UPDATE: The function is now available again and should be working as intended, if you encounter issues, please let our support team know.


Availability UPDATE: The function has been restored and should work as intended.

POV photo galleries

Availability UPDATE: 

  • 90% of the POV photo galleries are currently available, the remaining galleries will be re-added shortly.
  • Any POV galleries that you've unlocked between April 25, 2019 and October 8, 2019 will no longer be unlocked, however those credits have been refunded to your account so you may choose to re-unlock them again or spend those credits any other way you'd like. 

Preorders and access to previously preordered shows

Availability: If you've preordered the show titled "The Wedding Crashers" or "Wedding weekend with Elsa Jean & Bridesmaids", please note that the corresponding pre-order data will be re-added shortly to the site. If you encounter any discrepencies, please let our support team know and we will look into it for you ASAP. The remaining preorder shows are unaffected.

Q: Is my sensitive data safe? Was the site hacked?

A: The site was not hacked, compromised or accessed. The downtime was triggered by an unexpected, sudden event at our host’s facilities that warranted the physical relocation of our servers and also resulted in a series of hardware failures that we’re working to resolve. 

Q: When will the site return to full functionality? How can I stay updated?

A: As the process involves repairing faulty hardware related to storage, among other tasks, the time required to return to complete functionality is very hard to estimate. Our strategy is two-fold:

  1. The gradual, continuous re-addition of the missing show details until we get to 100% of the library
  2. Turning features back on once the repairs that affect the mentioned feature are complete

We realize that answer is not overly detailed, therefore we’ll be providing updates along the way as soon as we have an estimate. Rest assured we’ll continue to work diligently around the clock to have the site return to full functionality as soon as possible.

To stay informed about updates, you can follow our Twitter account or visit the site. We'll also be emailing updates to our members, so sign up for a free account from the homepage if you haven't done so yet. There's no strings attached and it takes 10 seconds.

Q: Is there a discount or bonus offered?

A: Yes! We realize not being able to access the choose-your-own-adventure shows and the unique GF experiences you've come to know and love is annoying and an inconvenience and we want you to know that your loyalty and support does not go unnoticed and it is important to us. Therefore, for a limited time, in addition to the regular bonus credits you receive based on the size of the credit package, we'll add 25% bonus credits to any credit purchases you make. We will also be adding bonus credits to our affected users' accounts once the rest of the data has completed processing in the background, we ask for your patience on this.

Q: I have a question, suggestion or need assistance with something. How can I contact you?

A: The fastest, easiest way is by submitting a support ticket, we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

We thank you for your patience and support during this period while we continue to work to restore all functionality on the site.

- LS Team



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